Bridge Group flag on the “Republic” peak

"Bridge Group" has joined the celebration of the "Day of the Republic" of Azerbaijan. An employee of the AzService company, a professional climber Sirkhan Mammadov, today climbed to the top of the peak which is called "Republic" at a height of 3,740 meters.


Flag of the Bridge Group on the "Heydar Peak"

Climbers, who are part of the Bridge Group, took part in a hike to the Heydar Peak dedicated to the 100th anniversary of our national leader Heydar Aliyev. The summit is located on the Gyzylgaya ridge near the Khinalyg village of the Guba region. Its height is 3751 meters. The height marked in 1997 was named "Heydar Peak" in honor of Heydar Aliyev.


Visit to the Alley of Honor in honor of the 100th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev

Today, on May 10, 2023, with the leadership of Yagub Huseynov, the chairman of the board of the Bridge Group of Companies, and the participation of other board members, a visit was made to the Alley of Honor in connection with the 100th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, founder of our modern independent state, the National Leader of our people, and the Great Leader. His grave was visited, flowers were arranged in front of his bust, and the memory of the genius was remembered with respect and reverence. During the visit, Yagub Huseynov, the chairman of the supervisory board, emphasized that the life and creativity of the Great Leader are an example for every Azerbaijani and that we should work tirelessly for the welfare and future development of our independent Azerbaijan, which was inherited by our National Leader, and the large-scale activities conducted by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev. He especially emphasized the importance of protecting the state's interests as a uniting factor in politics.


New article about “Univerium” dormitory on GoBaku.ru

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Bridge Group of Companies took part in the B2G forum

On April 12, a B2G forum was held, organized by the Caspian Energy Club, with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of the Alyat Free Economic Zone - Valeh Aleskerov. The forum was attended by over 100 top managers of public and private companies representing both the oil and non-oil sectors of the economy. During the forum, a certificate presented to Bridge Group of Companies was accepted by the executive director of the company - Farid Iskandarov.


Bridge Group of Companies launched a new project in the field of vocational education and training

On March 17, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Vocational Education Agency under the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan and the Bridge Group of Companies. This project includes an apprenticeship model, where, along with the theoretical part, students gain on-the-job experience in Bridge Group of Companies.


Opening of a new institution Bridge Group - "Bahar Cafe".

On March 16, the opening of a new Bridge Group project, a two-story Bahar Cafe, took place. Among the invited guests were well-known bloggers and journalists. Spectacular serving of dishes, bright interior and DJ music immersed guests in a festive atmosphere. The location of the cafe allows you to enjoy views of the city and the sea. We invite everyone to visit the new cafe!



One of the most popular holidays, Novruz, was celebrated in the Univerium – student campus. Foreign and local students studying in various educational institutions of our capital took an active part in various competitions and entertainments, and the gifts were presented to the winners. The regular guests of Novruz – Kosa and Kechal entertained students with different competitions, National yalli dances around the bonfire, semeni and national sweets - all this created an incredible festive atmosphere. For international students, this holiday was a real acquaintance with the national traditions and the rich culture of our country. The celebration ended with a fun disco.


Traveler Review Award 2023

We are delighted to announce that Molokan INN hotel - subsidiary of the Bridge Group of Companies, received the Traveler Review Award 2023 from Booking.com. We are glad to see our hard work being recognised by all our guests and especially Booking.com, receiving an award is a brilliant achievement. Thank you to all our wonderful guests who took the time to write such kind and much appreciated reviews.


Article about HamamBath on gobaku.ru

New article about the HamamBath Wellness & SPA complex.

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About "Qaynana" restaurant in GoBakuGo Azerbaijan blog

New article about the "Qaynana" restaurant.

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Mr. President Ilham Aliyev visited a new cafe presented by Bridge Group

On December 30, President Ilham Aliyev took part in the opening of the second part of the Central Park, also visited "Bahar Cafe", one of the latest projects of the Bridge Group.


Collective trip of the Bridge Group family

On December 26, a trip of the Bridge Group team was organized. This trip has helped to strengthen friendly relations between colleagues and increase the motivation of employees. During the trip, the employees took part in various games, which allowed them to get to know each other better and communicate in an informal setting.

Our team remains a valuable link in our company.


Initiative from the Bridge Group - a visit to the orphanage "Ümid Yeri"

On December 23, representatives of companies located in Bridge Plaza visited the “Ümid Yeri” orphanage. Envelopes with the wishes of the children were hung on the Christmas tree installed in the hall of the building, the fulfillment of which was carried out by the employees of the companies. During the visit, all the children of the orphanage were given gifts, which they had previously asked for from Santa Claus. In addition to gifts, children were also delighted with sweets.


A tree planting campaign was held on the Univerium campus

On November 24, a joint tree planting campaign was held in the Univerium campus. Trees were planted on campus, and both students and the Univerium staff took part in the event.


"Bridge Group of Companies” signed a memorandum of cooperation within the framework of the Azerbaijan-Türkiye Business Forum on November 4

Within the framework of the visit of Vice President of the Republic of Türkiye Fuat Oktay to Azerbaijan the Azerbaijan-Türkiye Business Forum was held on November 4 at the Heydar Aliyev Center. The Forum was organized with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AZPROMO) and the Foreign Economic Relations Organization of Türkiye (DEIK). The forum was attended by Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov and Vice President of Türkiye Fuat Oktay, as well as government representatives of the two countries and entrepreneurs operating in different fields.


Grand Opening of "Bazar Turkish Cuisine"

On October 15-16, the grand opening of the Turkish cuisine restaurant - "Bazar Turkish Cuisine" took place, which is located on the territory of the recently renovated complex "Sharg Bazar". The main musical guest of the evening was the Turkish musician Sinan Erkoch and his band, who performed live such hits as "Havam Yerinde", "Oyna da Oyna", "Ellerim Bomboş" and many others. Among the invited guests were representatives of Azerbaijani show business - actor Mushfig Shahverdiyev, singer Miri Yusif, as well as business partners of the Bridge Group. The unforgettable taste of exquisite Turkish dishes, spectacular serving of desserts, live music and unique oriental atmosphere did not leave the guests indifferent. We invite everyone to visit our restaurant and enjoy Turkish cuisine!


2022 Karate Premier League Baku

On September 2nd to 4th, one of the world's major karate tournaments of the Premier League Karate 1 was held with the support of the Bridge Group of Companies. The Premier League is the second most important karate tournament after the World Championship, and only top ranked athletes can enter. The championship was also visited by the founder of the Bridge Group of Companies, Yagub Huseynov.


The opening of a new restaurant «Bazar Turkish Cuisine»

On July 23 took place the opening of a new “Bridge Group” project - a Turkish cuisine restaurant "Bazar Turkish Cuisine". The restaurant is located on the territory of the recently renovated East Bazaar complex. Among the invited guests were American mugham admirer Jeffrey Verbock and French photojournalist Reza Dehgati. The restaurant has an extensive dining selection - it has all the classic traditional Turkish dishes - kebabs, meze, lahmacun and pide cooked in a copper oven and a variety of amazing desserts, which include the incredibly popular and extremely delicious pistachio katmer. The Bridge Group of Companies team decided to name the restaurant "Bazar" located on the territory of the “Sharg Bazar” (Oriental Bazaar), in order to preserve the element of the mysterious East in it and at the same time not to violate the general concept of the reconstructed “Sharg Bazar”. Enjoy the delights of Turkish cuisine in the new restaurant!


The tеam building event was held at the Bridge Group family

Bridge Group family spent June 13th on a team building activity, during which sports games were held - a friendly football match, a bowling and a volleyball session. A very warm atmosphere contributed to raising the team spirit and uniting the team.

We remind you that the values of our company are transparency and fairness and our team plays a big role in the successful operation of the company!


An interview with the head of the Bridge Group of Companies, Yagub Huseynov on the 1news.az website

The head of the Bridge Group of Companies, Yagub Huseynov, gave a detailed presentation on the history of the creation of the HamamBath Wellness & SPA Complex and also announced the opening of the women's wing, where ladies can enjoy all the delights of wellness and bath procedures.

You can read more about the interview by clicking to the link below.


The new restaurant of Turkish Cuisine by Bridge Group was visited by Mr. President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva.

The “Sharg Bazari” complex has been put into operation after restoration and reconstruction in Baku. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva viewed conditions created in the complex.


Nowruz celebration held in the Univerium dormitory!

Novruz Bayram is one of the most beloved national holidays and it was celebrated at the Univerium dormitory. Novruz glorifies the spring revival of nature, which is supposed to bring changes for the better into people's lives.

A host that was invited to the holiday by entertained students with a program that contained various contests, the winners of which took home a lot of prizes. Also, the students were entertained by the regular guests of the Novruz holiday - Kosa and Kecel, Bahar gyzy. Samani, competitions, national yalla dances around the fire - all this created an incredibly festive atmosphere. For foreign students, it was a real immersion in culture. The celebration ended with a fun disco.


Congratulations to the Bridge team!

The team participates in the Azerbaijani Brain Ring TV Championship, which airs every Friday at 19:20 on İTV (İctimai Televiziya). Qualifying games are held every week, the season consists of 16 games, which culminates with a finale. On January 14th, the Bridge team won the Bilik Cup, thus becoming the current winner of the Bilik Cup. On January 21, the team became the second winner of the championship of Azerbaijan.

We wish the team further success!


The opening of a new boutique hotel «Molokan INN»!

Quite recently, a completely new project was presented by the Bridge Group of Companies - a comfortable Molokan INN boutique hotel. A beautiful four-story building is located in the very center of Baku, next to one of the city's oldest parks - the Khagani Garden, better known as the Molokan Garden.


The opening of a new hostel «Bridge House Susha»!

We present you a new project of the Bridge Group of Companies - the «Bridge House Şuşa» hostel, located in the pearl of Azerbaijan - Shusha. The hostel was created with an aim to provide people working in Karabakh a comfortable environment for efficient and fruitful work.


Global Interiors Group participated in the “BAKUBUILD” 2021 exhibition at the Baku Expo Center.

The 26th Azerbaijan International Construction - BakuBuild 2021, as well as the long-awaited 1st Azerbaijan International "Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh" - Rebuild Karabakh 2021 exhibitions took place in Baku from 20 to 22 October. 279 companies from 17 countries participated in the exhibition. Global Interiors Group LLC, representing the Bridge Group of Companies, took part in this grand event and presented its products and services to the visitors. Global Interiors Group is a construction, furnishing and design company that also provides business planning and project budgeting services to the clients.


Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony to give out apartments and cars to families of martyrs, war disabled and heroes of the Patriotic War in Absheron district.

Deputy Head of Security Department, Bridge Group of Companies, Hero of the Patriotic War, Vusal Shabanov who was awarded for "liberation of Aghdam from occupation", "liberation of Sugovushan from occupation", “for bravery”, “brave warrior”, “3rd degree medal for military service” was provided with an apartment and a car by President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva on the 26th of August.

Congratulations! We are proud of you on behalf of Bridge Group of Companies!


Business partnership with "Bridge Group of Companies"

Have a brilliant idea and a business plan, but no resources to implement?
Contact us with your bold ideas, and our team of professionals after conducting an analysis of the project will help to implement it in the shortest possible time.



The second project of the Jasmine restaurant chain - "Jasmine Port"

On June 4, the Asian cuisine restaurant "Jasmine Port" opened its doors!

Located in Port Baku, the restaurant is an ideal choice for those who love variety. The restaurant's gastronomic philosophy is represented by a mixture of centuries-old traditions and constant creative research.



The brave Azerbaijani Army fights heroically to liberate our native lands from the enemy, blows enemy with crushing strikes. Dozens of members of the "Bridge Group of Companies" are in the military. We are proud to present some of them to you!



Bridge Properties and Global Interiors Group (GIG) which are belonging to the «Bridge» group of companies donated 10,000 manats to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund to support the Azerbaijani army fighting for the territorial integrity of our country.



Global Interiors Group, a company specializing in construction and design (part of the Bridge Group of Companies), has successfully participated in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021, the largest and most prestigious real estate competition, with Univerium, one of its leading projects.




Since its inception, Bridge Group of Companies has supported the policy pursued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, guided by the policy and laws of Azerbaijan. In particular, the company's management complies with all preventive measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19



Chairman appeal related to "COVID-19"

Dear team,

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation that affects us all. In this difficult time, we want to keep in touch with all our employees and tell you how we feel about the situation.


Bridge group of companies joined  Azerbaijan-Ukraine roundtable in Kiev

Business Development Director Farid Iskandarov and Finance Director Rovshan Akbarov participated in roundtable of interstate cooperation on behalf of the Bridge Companies Group in capital of Ukrain, Kiev, on 30th of January 2020.


Opening of unique hamam complex in Azerbaijan

HamamBath is a unique bath complex that was launched in November 2019 in Azerbaijan. Hamambath complex, which operates during all seasons of the year, offers a unique experience for its customers. Combination of Eastern, Slavic and European cultures in "Hamambath" discovered true formula of relaxation.



"SABAH" Football Club signed a sponsorship agreement with "Bank Respublika"

On November 23, 2018, a cooperation agreement was signed between BANK RESPUBLIKA - one of the country's leading banks, and the SABAH football club founded by the “Bridge Group of Companies”.



Sabah Football Club has announced the creation of the club's Supervisory Board

One of the main principles of Sabah is to create a club based on a healthy foundation. And the members of the Supervisory Board will provide their support in this direction, and share their advice.



New achievements of Homebridge team

Brain Ring intellectual game broadcast has started again on AzTV channel since September 2016. Just like during the previous season, Homebridge team actively participates in the new VIII season as well.


Josper oven training in Container Bar & Grill

On Wednesday 17th of August a thorough training on how to use the famous Spanish brand Josper oven was held in Container Bar & Grill.


Homebridge invites guests to Container Bar & Grill

Open air restaurant Container Bar & Grill started working at Homebridge hotel.


Homebridge team's debut on Brain Ring intellectual game

We have always deeply valued high intellect and wide world view. And because of this Homebridge team has joined the most interesting intellectual TV show.



First apart-hotel started working in Azerbaijan

For the first time in Azerbaijan, a hotel for the business sector representatives has opened its doors. "Homebridge" hotel is situated on the Caspian shore in the Shikhov district of Baku. The guests of the hotel can enjoy stunning sea view, as well as the view to the historical oil platform - a symbol of industrial Baku.



“Gold Star Quality” award

In Recognition of Achievement and Prestige Global Interiors Group LLC receives the International Star Award for Quality in Geneva. Yaqub Huseynov, founder, and Ruslan Hajiyev, director received the ISAQ in the Gold Category. This company designs and builds offices and other work spaces to be efficiently used by businesses of all size and sector. With sustainability in mind, Global Interiors Group LLC takes into account in its actions respect for the environment. Furthermore, it strives for quality performance and service, to the benefit of the community and its stakeholders, to assure success and community in the market.