Sabah Football Club has announced the creation of the club's Supervisory Board

One of the main principles of Sabah is to create a club based on a healthy foundation. And the members of the Supervisory Board will provide their support in this direction, and share their advice. They will play an important role in forming business relationships with various structures and companies, as well as, in attracting new sponsors and investors. The Supervisory Board members will also share their ideas on the club's development strategy.

The members of the Supervisory Board of Sabah FC are following:

  • Firuddin Gurbanov - Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Yagub Huseynov - An Entrepreneur, Founder of Sabah FC and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Bridge Group of Companies”
  • Igor Ponomarev - Former football player and coach of the Azerbaijani national team, Olympic champion in 1988, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1989).
  • Rahman Hajiyev – Editor-in-chief of the news agency "1news.az" and the newspaper "Bakinskiy Rabochiy".
  • Rauf Khalilov - An entrepreneur and has been the Vice-president of ISR Holding since 2007.

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