Josper oven training in Container Bar & Grill

On Wednesday 17th of August a thorough training on how to use the famous Spanish brand Josper oven was held in Container Bar & Grill.

Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. It is aimed at a very demanding profession: the HoReCa sector. It is also highly rated by Steak Houses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, Bistro-cafes, Traditional restaurants, Haute cuisine…

All the dishes served in Container Bar & Grill are prepared on this professional Josper oven. The training on how to correctly work with the oven to prepare delicious dishes was held by Mr. Christian Mulet Snowdon, the chef of Josper, arriving to Baku right from Spain.

We invite everyone to enjoy delicious dishes served in Container Bar & Grill!

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