Student Dormitory Complex

Univerium is not just a well-equipped student dormitory, but a whole residential complex consisting of four buildings. In total, there are 189 rooms and 667 beds in the complex, 16 of which are for teachers and 651 for students. Univerium has all the facilities so that students can devote as much time as possible to study and self-development, but also for not to forget about the rest: the library, the reading room, the gym, and the restroom. Among other things, the campus has a canteen for 400 people. 

The main advantages of Univerium are:

  • Individual study desk
  • Laundry facilities
  • Centralized A/C and heating system
  • Entertainment zones and cinema
  • An open terrace
  • Basketball playground and a ping pong table
  • 24/7 security