Bazar Turkish Cuisine

“Bazar Turkish Cuisine” is a restaurant, which is located on the territory of “Sharg Bazary” (Oriental Bazaar). "Sharg Bazary", the renovation of which was completed in the spring of 2022, sparkled with new colors in the renovated complex that is one of the prominent monuments of national architecture. A specially invited chef from Turkey will provides guests with a wide range of Turkish dishes. Each visit to "Bazar" will be an exciting gastronomic journey to Turkey for you - here you will find an inexpressible distinct atmosphere, the best combination of your favorite tastes and hearty food. The menu includes both breakfasts and special dishes for the holidays, various types of meat, traditional Turkish pide cooked in a copper oven, lahmacun, as well as traditional desserts. This restaurant is a pleasant holiday destination for both families and youth, as it caters to the tastes of all restaurant lovers. Enjoy the delights of Turkish cuisine in the new restaurant!