Boutique-hotel & restaurant

"Sultan Inn" Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, a five stars hotel in the heart of the old city in Baku, is ready to make an indelibly nice impression...

If you plan to arrive in Baku and see the best what it has to offer, then welcome to the Sultan Inn hotel. Our hotel blends harmoniously with the surrounding reality and is conveniently positioned close to famous historic landmarks such as Caravan Saray, Shirvanshah Palace, Maiden’s Tower and etc., reached by winding old streets with mosques, carpet and handcraft shops.

Hotel’s modern interior, fully equipped rooms are in perfect harmony with Oriental chic decoration, leaves a freedom of imagination. 

It’s terrace and restaurants offer a vivid view of one of the world’s most beautiful boulevards and the Old City – the heart of modern Megapolis, that present day Baku is.